Monday, September 28, 2009

Class Schedule

This semester is my last semester in school and I am currently in
Studio Seminar
Theatre Stagecraft
Intro to Graphic Design
20th Cent. Art and Arch.

After graduation I will being keeping my options open for any branch in Interior Design and hopefully land a job at an architectural firm.

Representation of a piggy

I will start off to say that I really liked this project of representing something, in which mine was a piggy, I thought that it was a lot of fun and challenging. I liked a lot of my images where as a couple of them I really didn't like them after I did them. I really would like to do another representation of something maybe in the future, and challenge myself by observing other classmates work and being inspired by them. Although when you start to compare yourself to others work you start thinking maybe yours was not good enough, but who is to judge that but the viewer, right? We were taught to put the images on what is called picassa, this was through our gmail account. I liked the way we turned these in, I think it makes it easier to view others in a more effective way. I feel as if these images are good ways to play around with photoshop and illustration and makes me more comfortable with them which is really what I need right now. We had to make two of our images an advertisement, but how do you know what makes up a good advertisement? Or is it just words next to a image? To make you laugh? To make you think? Or does it really matter?

When we first started to set up the gmail account I will say I was not excited to have another email. Although I have been taught that there are many more things that gmail provides then just an email account. I like how its not only a email but a resource full of many things that can help a designer out in there careers by posting their work online so that everyone can see it. What a great idea!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Logo Designs

Right now in class we are talking about Logo designs. I thought it was really interesting to learn in class, that we all recognise logos as a symbol to us of what that logo represents. At first when starting the class I kept looking at everyone else work and kept thinking to myself how do they think about drawing or combining something so simple to make it look so easy? In which I was relieved that we were able to go back to when all of us were three and were asked to write down the top three things we think about the most often. Then we were asked to write down anything up to 20 or more words/topics that were always on our mind. Then we had to think of words that described that main word. Words that would be symbols to represent that main word. I really appreciated this because it made me stop and realise that logos and any kind of art starts with the most basic idea, then forming into something great, I think as an artist we forget that sometimes. The next class period we were asked to draw those words, as many symbols as possible. Then we were to combine any two ideas. When I started this I was amazed at how I was able to think of shapes and ways to combine two different things that are totally opposite of each other. Which is what I liked about it, to be able to combine two symbols so simple and to the point. As an interior design I liked how this project allowed me to relate to graphic design and see that the idea starts with one idea and combines into two great ideas.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

On Friday in class, we were to draw an eye. The first thing that came to my mind was that it had to be a trick question, therefore had to have a trick answer. So I thought of it for the little time that we had, and came up with only drawing the outline of the eye. When really all I had to draw was a dot. It made me think of how hard we make things seem. Being an Interior Design major one thing that we are taught is preciseness, straight lines and perfection of detail is the ultimate key. Although being in Interior Design I am constantly trying to think or push myself into thinking outside of the box, therefore I am excited to see and learn about how to think outside the box with using just simple shapes and symbols. This was something that I wrote in big letters in my notes was " use symbols," "more shapes," "less lines," and to draw Silhouettes. I figured this had to be very important if it was said over and over.

We talked a lot on Friday about Semiotics. Semiotics is the study of signs, its figuring out what signs/symbols mean. As a child we are taught that an 8 sided figure, that is red means to stop. We use these same symbols/signs and use them to identify an idea. There are four types of signs. Icon is the first sign. The best way for me to remember what Icon is, is its the exact shape or even picture of something you were told all along. If the picture is a keyboard or a sheet of paper, a person would be able to say, "that is a keyboard and a sheet of paper" because it looks just like it. Being able to recognize an object for what it is. The second is Index. The word "Partner" is a key word when trying to remember what Index means. For instance, a fire truck is usually partnered with fire. Its a sign associated with what you usually see that symbol at. The third is symbol. A symbol is communicated through conversation, meaning words. So its the opposite of Icon, its the word which makes that word come to understanding. The word "ear" makes you think of an ear. The last sign is Metasymbol. Metasymbol is icons that over time are known for that icon. The Greek alphabet is an example of history and tradition to the sororities and fraternities on many campuses, its a way to recognize and identify each other.

Something else that was mentioned in class was a guy named Paul Rand. So I looked this guy up to see what was so important about him. Paul was a graphic designer and is known for his corporate logo designs for corporations such as, IBM, ABC, and even UPS. He taught at Yale for many years and before he was known for his logo design his early work in page design was the initial source of how he became well known for his commercial art. Yes, commercial art, because of Paul and his work, he was one of the main reasons for the entitlement of Graphic Design came into the market.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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